Sunday, 7 April 2019

Taniwha Battle Bots...

Task:  Turn your Sphero into a Taniwha Battle Bot.  Your Taniwha Battle Bot will swin in the roto.  The aim will be to catch (pop) another Taniwha's tail.  The balloon must be stuck to the back of your Taniwha Battle Bot (it can't be floating behind).  Who will be the last Taniwha swimming?

* work together to solve a problem
* drive a Sphero
* make a prototype of your design and make modifications

How could you improve the design of your Taniwha Battle Bot?  What would you do differently next time?

Check out more photos on Rāwhiti School's eLearning blog.

1 comment:

  1. You done really good designing with those bots.
    next time you should make something to hold the balloon steady